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Why do Christianity, Messianic Christianity, and the Greek Scriptures (the so-called, New Testament) have nothing to do with the Jewish Bible (the Tanach or the "Old Testament"), Israel, the Jewish people, and biblical Judaism?

And, why are the Christian writings not fulfillments of the prophecies of the Jewish prophets? 

More insights about the strong differences between the Jewish Scriptures and the Greek Scriptures

I actually feel sorry for the man of history, named Jesus/Yehoshua. Why? Because of all the legends, myths and deification that non-Jews put on him, or that they have made surrounding him when he was ONLY a simple man.

All the gospels were written by non-Jews, who never eyewitnessed a single thing about Jesus. Then Paul, who wrote 13 letters, NEVER even talks about Jesus, but only talks about what his death supposedly accomplished.

When a foolish author starts out his gospel by saying that a man born among us was "in the beginning" and "created the universe," that is a big indicator that the author is a pagan (Greek) and a non-eyewitness.

When a fool writes...
That a child born among us was born from a virgin, yet, no one questions the virgin girl's pregnancy in a time when adultery was punished with stoning, and then on top of this, when the child is born, everyone all of a sudden now knows that he is "the" messiah, when "a" messiah is never known at birth. This is because a person has to be physically anointed to be an actual "messiah," and that comes later in life.
These things are big indicators that the author is purely Greek and a non-eye-witness.

For in Christianity, there is only ONE messiah, a person that is actually born as a "messiah."

However, in the Tanach such a concept is totally foreign to biblical thought. In biblical Judaism (or the religion of the prophets) a person only becomes a "messiah" later in life, never at birth. Likewise, in biblical Judaism, there is no such thing as just "one" messiah, nor a single "true" messiah. This is because in biblical Judaism there are many messiahs and all of them are genuine biblical messiahs.

Again, if you read the Jewish scriptures, you will notice that no one is EVER born as a "messiah," nor can be born as a "messiah." This is because messiah-ship is always gained by either of two ways...

a) messiah-ship is either chosen/picked out by a prophet, like Saul or David were by Samuel the prophet,
b) it is passed on from a father to a son, like Aaron's messiah-ship was passed on to Eleazar, and then to Phinehas; Or, from David to Solomon to Rehoboam to...

Now look at this and tell me whether or not you see a myth that was invented...
Everyone knows - in the gospels - that Jesus was the "messiah" at his birth, even John the Baptist's parents (though it is impossible for this to be known at birth in Judaism). Yet, 30 years later, not a single soul knows he is the "messiah," not even John the Baptist, and NO ONE is following him before his so-called baptism.
Pretty odd don't you think? Pretty odd don't you think that not even Jesus' own family believes Jesus was the "messiah," even though Mary "should have" told her kids that Jesus was conceived without Joseph's involvement.

Myths? Yes!

In Judaism, the simple and basic biblical religion of Judaism that is, we only have one God, Who stands totally alone....
He does not have an "only begotten son" like Christians claim;
Nor does He have a wife or wives as the pagan Mormons claim.

No one helped Him in creation, as Christianity claims 4 times in the NT.

YHWH is not a compound God, consisting of three people or three distinct personalities.
Jesus is not YHWH as Christians, especially Pentecostals, claim.
He does not manifest in three different ways, as some Christians claim by explaining some bogus saying like "water, steam and ice."
YHWH is not "a" messiah and He will never will be a messiah.
In Judaism there is not just one messiah, there are many. Only the "last messiah" of the monarchs shall have a kingdom that shall have no end. Obviously that has not occurred. The crown of David, by the way, has been in the dust of history since 586 BCE, Zedekiah being the last.

Thus, those that need to see "the light of truth" are Christians, not Jews.

1) The last messiah, nor any messiah, nor any person can take away the sins of
   another person, let alone the world.
2) The last messiah must be the direct offspring of King David and of Solomon,
   through the male side from actual semen.
3) The last messiah, as well as all messiahs, does not pre-exist.
4) Messiahs are only Kings or High Priests, who are actually and physically anointed
   with oil, Jesus was NEVER anointed, thus he does not even qualify to be a
5) The last of all Kingly messiahs, the prophecied son of David who rules the world,
   does not abolish the Torah and usher in a New Covenant based on grace through
   faith alone. That is actually a 180 degree opposite notion of what the last Jewish
   messiah must be like. The last of all messiahs will actually rule the world and
   enforce all of the Law of Moses upon all people. Yet, the Christian Greek
   Scriptures promote the very opposite of those views.
6) Even though messianics "claim" Paul kept and promoted the Torah, he actually
   didn't and they do some interesting gymnastics with their apologetics to make it
   "appear" that he did such. They do this by never reading his writings in context or
   only in part and parcel. Paul's teachings (as well as the other NT authors) and
   deeds are very anti-biblical, yet, Paul twisted the Jewish scriptures in order to
   promote his agenda driven dogma.


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