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Modern Rabbinical Teaching vs. Biblical Judaic Teaching regarding the commandment that says, "Do not seeth a kid (baby goat) in its mother's milk."
Welcome to "Ancient!"  
The Organization of "Mefachadim - People for Ancient Judaism," of the Judaic sect of Mefachadim.

Please feel free to learn, ask questions and dig into the ancient faith of 
Judaism that the Magnificent Ancient God of all the Heavens and the Earth 
gave unto Israel through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, 
and all of the other prophets of Israel. 

Yes, my dear friends and readers, throughout man's history on this ancient earth of ours man has rarely acknowledged the existence of just one God alone, until a certain turning point came. Instead, someone might have honored a favorite god out of a pantheon of gods, but not necessarily acknowledging that this "favorite" god of theirs was the only god. If there was ever such a person, the majority of the time that "favorite" god that they served was unjust or diabolical in many ways. This was apparently the case until a certain person was born and grew up to be a man in Mesopotamia. This man was known as Abram. Even though the Jewish biblical writings don’t exactly say, “how” Abram came to believe in the existence of one God alone, he nonetheless came to that conclusion. 

YHWH, The God of Heaven found Abram to be righteous, so that He not only blessed him, but He made an everlasting covenant with him and his descendants forever, that they should keep His ways, commandments and laws. YHWH refined Abram to become even more righteous, because of this, YHWH, made Abram more righteous than he ever had been before. So it was, Israel (Abraham's descendants) were destined to be a light unto the rest of humanity to show the world the truth that there is just one God in all of existence and none else. The commandments that the God of Israel showed unto Abraham himself and later on to his descendants, particularly Moses and the prophets, teach that He demands all people to be holy by keeping all of His decrees and statutes. 

This website, is dedicated to finding anything and everything that pre-dates Alexander the Great. For it seems like the “birth-pains” of “Rabbinical” Judaism started forming around this time. Keep in mind that the current “Torah” was translated into Greek in the approximate year of 285 BCE, in Alexandria, Egypt. This tells us that the ancient ways seem to get lost long before this point. Therefore, it is our goal to try and find things before this date.

Disclaimer: One might find us very similar to the Karaite Sect of Judaism, but we actually have no  affiliation with them. 

Thank You,

Maregaal Yaakov

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Newly updated notes
The Feast of Tabernacles begins 
in the evening of Oct 8 at sunset and the 
first actual daylight day is on Oct 9
New Year is in the Spring, not in the Fall!!!
A New Updated version of my 2011 paper "When was Yom Kippur invented?