Laws of
Yom Ha-Kipurim
The laws of the Atonement   -    Leviticus 16:1-34

The laws of special offerings for the 10th of Ethanim / the seventh month - Numbers 29:7-11

Penalties after transgressing the laws of Yom Kipurim:
  a) go into exile / excommunicated / citizenship revoked if one breaks his fast - Lev 23:26-32 [mainly v. 29]
  b) one is put to death if one does any work or labor this day - it is a special sabbath - Lev 23:26-32 [mainly v.30]

Regular daily offerings, even on Yom Ha-Kipurim - Numbers 28:3-8

Laws concerning the daily offerings - Leviticus 1

Insights to the special offerings given on the 10th of Ethanim
  Leviticus 6:17-23 - referring to the one sin-offering [a kid of the goats] of Numbers 29:11

The priests must blow the silver trumpets over the offerings - Numbers 10:1-10 [mainly v.10]

Name of the seventh month in Biblical Judaism = 2 Kings 8:2

Great Prayers of repentance by the holy prophets and how one turns from their sin:
   Daniel 9:1-19
   Jonah 2:2-9
   David after Bethsheba = Psalm 51
   Ways of Righteousness = Ezekiel 18

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