Biblical Yom Kippur falls on Sept 28 at sunset to the following sunset on Sept 29, 2009.
Rabbinical Judaism is observing Yom Kippur on the wrong day this year.
Yom Ha-Kipurim
The Day of Atonement
יום הכפרים
The High Priest confessing the sins of the people onto the scapegoat

Fall of 2009
(10) For olah: 1 bull, 1 ram, 7 lambs; For chat-tath [Sin offering] 1 goat
(05) 1 bull for the sin of the priest, 1 olah goat for the priest;
     1 goat for sin for the people, 1 scapegpat for the people, 1olah ram for the people
(02) 2 lambs for the normal daily olah
** (02) 2 he-lambs for the shabath, if Yom Ha-Kipurim falls on a weekly shabath                               

16 animals are actually sacrificed on the 10th day of Seventh Month [Ethanim] and
1 goat is set free as a scapegoat.
Hot Springs, AR  USA
The 10th day of the seventh month [Ethanim]