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This is a quick list of what is on this website, so you can find them
 pretty easy.

Who or what is "Mefachadim?" ​

a) Who is the God of Israel?
b) Does HaShem have a body and is He an actual Person? 
c) What is the meaning behind the name: YHWH

Torah Lessons
1) Parshah Bo: Exodus 10:1-13:16
​2) Parshah Ki Teitzei:  Deuteronomy 21:10–25:19

1) What is the meaning behind the name: YHWH
2) The Biblical Doctrines Surrounding Death
3) What are the Capital Offense laws in the Tanach? 
4) How old is the universe according to the Jewish bible, 
    but not according to reality? 
5) Why the first 11 chapters of Genesis should be rejected
6) Complete list of Kosher animals and laws
7) Biblical Feasts of the Torah  (still editing)
8) Is it Okay to have meat and milk together, according to the Torah?
9) When was Yom Kippur really instituted, this is a study...
10) Times for Rosh HaShanah and each Rosh Chodesh
      and understanding the biblical calendar
11) Time for Rosh HaShanah for 2013
12) Understanding the first 4 days of creation (in Genesis 1) through pictures
13) How to keep the Sabbath/Shababt correctly
14) The complete writings - the 1st and 2nd Book of Maccabee
15) Rabbi Maregaal, what do you think of this (the reestablishment 
      of the Sanhedrin)?
​16) Are ducks clean?
17) Is it mandatory for a man to have a beard?
18) Mefachadim and the discussion of circumcision and were other covenants 
      based on blood?
19) Things about circumcision...
20) Is the Zohar (teachings about Jewish mysticism) 'of HaShem' or 'of
      wicked men?'
21) Are there contradictions in the Tanach or Bible?
22) More Contradictions in the Jewish Bible
23) How to wear the Tefillin correctly and when
​24) Is Keturah, the wife of Abraham, really Hagar in disguise? 
25) Is Polygamy Allowed in Judaism or in the Biblical Religion of Ancient Israel?
26) Why do we have the custom of waiting for three stars to appear after the close
       of the Shabat sunset and other major holidays? 
27) Code of Hammurabi - King of Babylon. Seeing what compares to the Mosaic Law
​28) 8 myths wrapped up into one story in Gen 2-3 
29) Who is really "Jewish" according to race, according to the biblical standard?
30) Contradictions between Genesis 1 and 2
31) What is difference between the Islamic view of the Torah versus that of 
      Maregaal, someone basically asked me?      
32) More truths about Genesis and its true backdrop and false history

Jewish Apologetics against Christian/Messianic apologetics and the NT

​1) Theological differences between the Tanach (the Old T.) and the N.T.
2) Sins of Jesus/Yehoshua
3) Burning down the Myth that Christianity sprang out of Judaism
4) Why Jesus/Yehoshua/Yeshua is NOT YHWH or God
5) The New Testament is a completely pagan book
     and a small list of some false so-called "fulfilled" prophecies 
6) A letter to a Christian preacher concerning Jesus/Yehoshua and the gospels
7) Did Paul keep the Torah after his conversion? NO!

Hot Springs, AR  USA
Hot Springs, AR  USA
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