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Feasts and Holidays unto
YHWH / יהוה
1a. Rosh Ha-Shannah / New Year
    This date randomly falls near the first day of Spring every year or on the first day of Spring itself. When
    determining the Biblical Rosh HaShannah before the first day of Spring we have to count 14 days after
    that point to see if Passover falls on or after the first day of Spring, for it must always fall on or after that
    time. If Passover, by pretending, would fall right before the first day of Spring then the true Rosh
    HaShannah would come the following New Moon and Pesach/Passover would fall 14 days after that.
    Likewise, when determining these times, we must always use Jerusalem as our base, because the full
    extant of the Law of Moses was intended to be observed in Israel, not anywhere else. So when
    determining the first days of the months, including New Year, we don't go by UT time, nor by the
    "international time line" line for determining our beginnings of our days, but the land of Yisrael. Rosh
    HaShannah sets the whole calendar year in place as to when to observe the biblical feasts on their
    correct day. Again, Rosh HaShannah is simply another "Rosh Chodesh" / New Moon Festival." There
    are no biblical ordinances for New Year, in and of itself, a part from the regular ordnances regarding the
    New Moons.

1b. Rosh Chodesh / The Beginning or Head of each Month / The New Moon Festival

2. The Weekly Sabbath

3. Pesach / Passover

4. Chag Ha-Matzoth / The Feast of Unleavened Bread

5. Day of the Wave Offering, of the New Grain [mainly for Barley]

6. Chag Shavuot / Feast of Weeks / Pentecost / Feast of Firstfruits

7. Chag Teruah / Feast of Blowing [of the silver trumpets and shofars]

8. Yom Ha-Kipurim / The Day of Atonement

9. Chag Succoth