Established on:  6/28/6182+  ---  Sept 17, 2009  ---   Elul 28, 5769
"Mefachadim - People for Ancient Judaism"

We are a grassroots movement (The Mefachadim) yearning to restore the ancient and powerful faith that Yisrael once observed before the dawn of the "Rabbinical" age, that faith being nothing but "Biblical Judaism." According to simplistic, yet, strict teachings of the holy prophets, the holy society and culture of Yisrael "took a turn for the worst" at the dawn of the "Rabbinical" age, as it did many times before in the past for a variety of other reasons when the people strayed from HaShem's commandments.

We are Jews that have come from the numerous branches or sects of Judaism: from Chasidic, Modern Orthodox, Conservative, the Karaites, Reform, Reconstructionism and even Jews who were not brought up in any of the various sects or branches of Judaism. Non-Jews are more than welcome to join our group/sect if they desire to practice biblical Judaism and turn their backs on any former beliefs that contradict any biblical law, or any biblical tenent found in the Jewish Scriptures, the Tanach. Furthermore, Non-Jews must adhere to our sectarian decrees that we either glean from the biblical texts or derive from the biblical texts. The Torah and the Tanach do not get into every single detail life throws at us, this is why we need extra guidelines to live by. None of our decrees try to undermine the biblical texts, as we feel the rabbinical establishment's rules do. Some "new" laws and guidelines must always be added as culture evolves and gets more complex, this is clearly mentioned in Deuteronomy 17.

I find it fitting that this organization was established just days before Yom Kippur, and here I start out by talking about our people going astray or "missing the mark" from the biblical commandments of YHWH. Many, in turn, cling to things that the prophets never ordained and actually forbid. Many observances in Rabbinical Judaism fall under the commandment "Do not add to the Torah." This does not mean that all extra biblical rules are forbidden, I say this because "arson" and many other things are not mentioned in the current Torah; yet, we know that HaShem would not allow arson and many other things. Those extra things, however, must fit into the larger context of the Biblical Torah instead of contradicting it somewhere.

To explain this better, I will give one example: During the days of King Hezekiah, the people of Judah were highly exalted and protected by the God of Yisrael, because Hezekiah kept the commandments of YHWH and he obeyed His prophets. However, things took a "turn for the worst" when Hezekiah's son, Manasseh, reigned in his stead after his death. Because of the many sins of Manasseh, and the sins of the kings that followed him, the mighty Kingdom of Judah fell to her knees and the crown of David was laid in the dust and has been ever since 586 BCE.

During the time of the Maccabees though, Judah was independent for a very short time. However, the Maccabees were actually forbidden to be kings, because according to the holy prophets of YHWH, only the descendants from the house of David were / are allowed to rule over Judah. The Maccabees were not from the lineage of David, but from the house of Aaron the high priest; therefore, even though they were righteous to a great degree, they were not allowed to rule as kings over Judah.

This organization intends to reach back in time to the holy days that existed during the kings of Judah and bring the people of Yisrael under the blessings of YHWH once again. This can only come by continually observing the commandments as He requires. Our organization's goal is to teach, encourage, and uplift those seeking to obey the holy commandments and statutes of YHWH, the very statutes and laws of ancient Judaism.

"Biblical Judaism" is pretty plain and simple, and relatively non-restrictive in comparison to orthodox "rabbinical" Judaism.

What we read in the Tanach is exactly what we do. We do not desire to "add" a single requirement to an existing commandment, nor do we desire to "subtract" from the details of the commandments found in the Tanach. Again, what you read is exactly what we perform in our deeds.

Being strictly Biblical, what you see in the text of the Tanach is literally what you get in this organization. Our goal is to try to only teach from a biblical perspective, not from any other.
We are constantly searching for more truths of ancient Judaism that the holy prophets of Yisrael practiced through any evidence of archeology, since much of biblical Judaism has been lost for such a long time. For the real "law of Moses," the two tablets, the hundreds of scrolls / books of the prophets, the Holy Temple, the seals of the kings and... have been stolen, destroyed, lost or hidden for a long time. Even the ancient paleo-Hebrew alphabetical font [as seen above in the header] has been discarded for the common Hebrew font we see today. 

No matter how archaic the commandments of the Tanach are in comparison to our modern world, we only desire to live within the confines of the holy commandments found in the Tanach. If the things of our modern world do not oppose the commandments of the Torah and of the Tanach, then such things are most likely permissible, though there might be some limitations. We simply live a tremendously cleaner, less harmful, more peaceful, holy life than those who do not follow the ways of the holy torah. The holy commandments were given by the God of heaven and earth and the one who keeps them does no harm to the society, nor environment around him.

Our goal and objective is to restore and/or display the powerful ancient ancestral faith of the prophets of Israel and of Judah according to the plain and simple faith of Biblical Judaism, for this is only what HaShem demands.  

Thank you

People for Ancient Judasim