By Maregaal

The New Testament is a completely pagan book. It goes out of the way to "prove" that certain passages of the Tanach are talking about Jesus or some part of his life. 

However, when we read the passage in question with its original context, the passage has nothing to do with the Christian message and ultimately with Jesus.

Isa 7:14 is not talking about a "virgin" birth, it is a regular birth that is a sign for Ahaz in that before the child reaches about 5 years old, the two kings that Ahaz is worried about shall be dead.

Psalm 2:12 does not mention "son" it says, "purity." Likewise, the whole Psalm is talking about Solomon that HaShem appointed.

Psalm 22 is talking about David and his troubles, not a dying messiah on a cross.

Gen 3, regarding the woman and the serpent, is talking about how mankind will always be at odds with snakes, not a heavenly messiah crushing the head of Satan.

Zech 12:10 is not talking about a messiah being pierced on a cross, but a war and the slain. 

Isaiah 53 is not talking about a dying messiah that will offer up his human body for a sin offering. It is talking about Israel being chastised by HaShem. 

Proverbs 30:1-4, is not talking about "The Father and the Son {Jesus}." Rather, it is talking about HaShem and the king He set up in Jerusalem - Solomon [who wrote the proverbs and who is called "son" three times in the Tanach].

Those three times are...
2 Sam 7
1 Chron 22
Psalm 2

Psalm 110 is not talking about a future messiah [Jesus] that is sitting next to HaShem in Heaven before the messiah's [Jesus'] earthly birth. That is just preposterous and not even hinted at. Rather, it is talking about David being set up as King of Israel by, and blessed by, HaShem whose dynasty would last a long time. 

Jeremiah 31 is not talking about Jesus making a "New Covenant," but a covenant for the whole house of Israel where not one soul will have to teach another person about the Tanach. 
 In biblical Judaism there is no "messiah of the soul," a messiah in Judaism is ONLY a human figure head that is only a priest or a king. Even in biblical Judaism a messiah does not even have to be a good "messiah," because we have had many messiahs that were evil. 

Because Jesus did not become a kingly messiah his followers turned him into something he wasn't. A divine person that came down from heaven in order to purge people from their sin by using the very body that this so-called heavenly spirit supposedly inhabited.

All of this is paganism, all of it is anti-Jewish and doesn't even come close to the teachings of the Jewish bible. This is why Christians and messianics need to wake up and just throw their NT away.

Established on:  6/28/6182+  ---  Sept 17, 2009  ---   Elul 28, 5769
Hot Springs, AR  USA
Established on:  6/28/6182+  ---  Sept 17, 2009  ---   Elul 28, 5769
Hot Springs, AR  USA
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